Knowing why you are here simplifies everything.

Do you know why you are here on this planet and what you are meant to be doing? That's the million dollar question. Whether you are asking God or the Universe or whatever Source you believe in, that's where the real rubber meets the road. 
But, when we're so busy, we often put off asking that question. 
Who has time for questions like that???
Besides, we think we're DOING the answer - serving our family or our jobs or doing a whole lot of stuff. 
What I've found out is that when you start trying to answer that question, or when you know your answer, so many things become simpler. Not necessarily easier. 
But simpler. 
Saying no becomes simpler, for one thing. 
Steering your way out of the swirl of doing too much becomes simpler. It's the path to - finally- doing the things that truly matter. 
So, spending time answering that question may seem like a waste of time, but really it's smartest investment you can make in you, in discovering your dreams, in creating the life you really want to live. 
Which of course makes me wonder: why are you here and what are you meant to be doing?