Do one thing today that makes you happy.

Do one thing today that makes you happy. I know, you're busy, it's Saturday and there are a million busy things you need to do. But I believe you have time for one thing, even if it's just listening to a great song that goes straight to your heart and makes you feel alive, makes you smile, makes your body move. 
So what's your song or your thing that you're going to do today? 
My one thing is definitely starting with a song and I'm picking it now. I hear some songs and they take me back to times when I was lost in the swirl and I feel how far I've come. Other songs take me to times when I was just putting one foot in front of other, moving through the darkness, blindly hoping for better days. Today, I am choosing a song that makes me feel alive that celebrates this amazing day, for the me that I am now, sharing today with you. 
What's your one thing for today? I'm starting a list :-)