Does it soothe your soul?

When you get stuck in the crosshairs of making a decision, wondering what to do, and the "should I/shouldn't I" chatter gets noisy in your head, here's a question to cut through the clutter: Does it soothe your soul? Does saying Yes calm you down or make you more anxious? are you saying Yes for internal reasons or for external ones that keep you on the treadmill of busyness, doing more and and more? An internal Yes will come with a "whoosh" of energy, you will feel a little smile inside, while the other feels like another thing on your To-Do list. Ugh. Because you do know the's there, rooted and quiet, listen to that voice inside of you and, in time, you will allow that voice to be heard on the outside.
PS - sometimes the real problem comes when you know what you want to do, it's just hard saying No or making it happen. Pls let me know if that's the issue for you -- is it the knowing what to do part or the speaking up that's hard?
(thank you, Pam Fullerton, for sharing this question with me)