Love you

Are you feeling the love? As busy women, it is so easy for us to put on our serious walking boots and trudge through whatever the day brings to get from the moment you wake up to when you can lay your head back down on the pillow. 
Efficient. Focused. Determined.
You can feel the heaviness of it. The promise that there will be time for fun, for love, for you when you get through All of this....that tiny carrot that keeps you running, keeps you pushing, keeps you marching.
Well, not today.
Today choose you.
Today. Choose. You.
Not later.
Not when you have finished your To-Do list, when you have cleaned the bathroom, folded the laundry, wiped down the counter-tops.
This moment.
Choose to look on the inside.
Today, choose.
Today, remember your you-ness, your bright spark, your what am I here for? and how are you getting there? 
Choose you.
Choose you.
Choose you. 
Just for a moment, for as long you can.
Close your eyes.
Feel the radiance inside. Like a beautiful secret, a beautiful warmth. That is you. That is you. It's there. 
It's still there.
Hello, you.
Hello, love.
Welcome that beautiful beating warmth, glowing with love. 
Yes, welcome love, welcome to you.
....and now feel the love.