You are the force

You are the force. Straight from Star Wars, that line is a bit hokey, but those words are powerful. Because you have power. I have power. We have so much more power than we realize.
Yet how often do you forget that and go looking for strength? You pray for miracles. You plead for things to go your way. You bargain. You beg. You hope. You wish.
All of that is fine.
It's not noble. It's human.
It's me when I feel unpowerful. 
It's you when you feel unpowerful.
But we are overlooking what's - already - inside.
It's there. It's in your willingness to put one foot in front of the other. To keep going. To try. 
And, then of course, fear, like some dogged beast who will not leave us alone, comes along. To whom, sometimes I want to say, Could you please f--k off and leave me alone, I have other things to do, that I must do. But fear is persistent. And so, I sigh and say, Ok, fear, what are you here to tell me today....and I listen and I try to be a good hostess. I listen, and when fear starts to repeat itself too much and I've heard these fears before, I say, Thank you for coming, fear, I now need to get back to my work. I need to put one foot in front of the other. I need to keep going. 
Breathe deeply.
Gather your energy.
Close your eyes.
Feel your energy.
Feel your power.
Yes, feel your force.
Feel it coming down from above - from wherever God or the Universe or whatever you believe in sends it - it is in you. It is all around you. Breathe it in. 
Sometimes I find strength in repeating that Star Wars phrase the way the guy did in the movie, over and over: 
I am the force. The force is with me.
I am the force. The force is with me.
I am the force. The force is with me.
Oh! I know, that sounds so corny! My son and I watched a Star Wars movie that afternoon. He watched the plot unfold and I took away an affirmation.
But try it.
Try emphasizing different words:
IIIIIIIII am the force. The force is with ME.
I AM the force. The force IS with me.
I am THE FORCE. THE FORCE is with me. 
However it works for you. Gather your power, feel it pool, let it collect, let it fuel you.
You are the force. And the force is with you. 
Forcefully, fiercely, passionately -- Anne