Love love love

Love love love.
Happy Valentine's Day, busy ladies. 
Hope you're feeling some love today, coming from outside (your kids, spouse/partner) and bubbling up from inside.
I hope you can feel it, grow it, believe in it. 
If you're divorced or single or just not feeling it right now, this holiday can be hard. Surrounded by all the hype, it's an easy slide to feel that twinge and, like flipping on Netflix, tune into some pretty sad tales. 
Oh! woe is me.... I've been there, done that. 
But this year, don't go there.
Stay here. 
That's what I'm doing. This year, I'm not going down any rabbit holes. 
This year, I am so happy to be here, knowing that love is as much an inside job as an outside affirmation. 
I bought myself pink tulips this year, just because.
I got my friends little boxes of Sweethearts, just because. 
I gave my kids chocolate bars, just because. 
Because it made love grow. 
So, feel the love that you can today.
Feel it from the inside. 
Because that's a great start. 
Or, feel the love of a magnificent sky and a beautiful sunshiny day
Feel the love that comes in waves and smiles.
Feel the love that surrounds you.
Or go ahead and turn on Netflix - just please tune into something where you are the powerful heroine in your own sweet life. 
-- Anne