Power flows through you effortlessly, easily, calmly.

Power flows through you effortlessly, easily, calmly.
How is that for an amazing thought for today?
Power flows through you. 
From inside, from your heart, your core, your soul. 
Do you feel it?
Too often we are too busy, we rush around, thinking other people have the power. We think they have our power. But they cannot hold your power. We search, we please, we hope.... forgetting that it's already there.
It's there now. 
Take a moment.
Close your eyes.
Feel deeply. 
Feel that glowing, that knowing inside, feel that ember. 
Breathe deeply. Breathe knowing you are breathing it into more brightness, more radiance. 
Ah, yes, there it is.
Your power.
Isn't it lovely?
So bright, so pure, so you.
Because it is you.
There you are. 
Now feel it flowing through you.
Radiating with you-ness.
And now that you feel it, what will you do?
What mountain will you climb?