Take back your power

It's a devils bargain, one that you know too well. 
You tell yourself that you will give and give and give and ultimately you will get, you will receive. You say to yourself: I will do onto others as I would like them to do onto me....
It's the good girls bargain.
It's so old, it seems tiresome. 
Haven't we outgrown this yet?
And yet.
Here we are.
So, let's rethink this.
Welcome in a beautiful concept - adapted from Brene Brown, who said: Share your story, your vulnerability, only with those who have earned the right to hear your story.
Those who have earned the right to hear your story.
What delightfully high criteria.
Who has earned the right to hear your story?
Who has earned the right to receive your generosity?
You decide.
Decide who and where to share your gifts.
Your power is in the deciding, then in the giving.
In the choosing of who is worth your worthiness.
Yes, your worthiness.
Your worthiness.
That is something to celebrate!
I have tap-danced for my worthiness for too long.
Tapdanced for approval.
Tapdanced for acceptance.
I have given away too much power. 
So, today, I am taking it back.
Perhaps a cynic would say, Again.
So be it. 
and again and again. 
Until I get it back and get it right. 
Today, take back yours.
Hold onto it.
Cherish it.
Value it.
Value you.
Yes, you.
There you are.